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Deadlines for 2021 Federal Income Tax Return

LLC Single Member:   15 April 2022

LLC Partnership:         15 April 2022

C Corporation:             15 April 2022

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Do I have to file tax return if I have ?

No Income / No Expense

No Income / No Expense

If you engage in US trade or business, you must file a 1040-NR form even if you don’t have any income or expense.

Personal Income

Personal Income

You have to file a 1040-NR form if you have gambling, gift, HSA income, or any other unearned income.

Own a property

Own a property

You need to file a 1040NR form if you/your company own(s) real property in the US and you/your company have/has a rental income.

Interest Income

Interest Income

In the US, you are required to file a 1040-NR form if you have any interest or royalty income higher than $ 10.

Have a company

Have a company

If you have a company in the US, you are obliged to pay its taxes in the US.

Sell on Amazon / Shopify

Sell on Amazon / Shopify

If you are a seller on Amazon / ETSY / Shopify / eBay, you must file its taxes.

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